What is Public Administration?

Public_Service_CareerPeople who have successfully completed a MPA degree program are responsible for some of the most important policies and programs that keep businesses and governments running. However, despite the critical role of public administration on the public and private sector very few people understand or know exactly what public administration is and what it does.

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The Basics of Public Administration

On a very basic level public administration is responsible for looking at programs and policies and determining the impact that it may have on the larger picture. In the public sector this involves people looking at various government policies and programs to see how the community reacts to them and how exactly they help individuals. In the private sector this means individuals look at the programs and policies and sees how it impacts the entire business in terms of customers, finances, and employees.

Job Requirements of Those in Public Administration

Individuals who are hired in the public sector have a variety of job requirements. They can be responsible for training individuals to analyze and report back what the impact of programs and policies are on the community. Responsibilities can also include:

  • Developing entire programs that are cost-effective and efficient for the community
  • Managing large groups of people who carry out the programs and policies,
  • Creating solutions to problems that may arise.

Job requirements in the private sector are very similar to the public sector only instead of worrying about the impact on the community the focus is on the business and their employees. Responsibilities in the private sector can include:

  • Overseeing entire company policies and programs
  • Ensuring programs are cost-effective and keep businesses operating at a profit
  • Improve the efficiency of a company by developing policies and procedures that improve employees’ job requirements

It is hard to narrow down exactly what job requirements are necessary in the public administration field as there are hundreds of different career paths that can be pursued. Job requirements will vary depending upon the job that is held, what sector the position is in, and how big or small the area the individual is overseeing.

Specific Jobs that can be Held in Public Administration

Hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs are available in the field of public administration. The following are some examples of jobs that individuals who have successfully completed an MPA degree program have obtained.

  • City Managers
  • HR Directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Census Managers
  • CIA Analyst
  • Cabinet Members
  • Health Administration Directors
  • Non-Profit Program Directors

Public administration is about implementing and managing programs and policies that can have a direct impact on individuals and companies. A better understanding of what public administration is can help you determine whether a career in public administration is right for you.

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