What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Public Administration?

pros_consPublic administration careers like all careers have benefits and drawbacks.  Before entering a career in public administration it is important that you know the pros and cons of working in the field. The following are some pros and cons people have experienced after they successfully completed their MPA degree program.

Pro – Choice of a Variety of Career Paths

Public administration careers are available in both the private and public sector which opens the door to a variety of career paths. A person who has successfully completed an MPA degree program can work in a government office, in a company’s corporate office, or with a non-profit organization. Almost every major company hires individuals who hold an MPA degree.

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Con – Very Competitive Career

Public administration careers can be very competitive. Some of the higher ranking positions such as working as a Cabinet member, in the CIA or at the United Nations can be very competitive. These careers are competitive due to the limited number of job openings and the high demand people have to work in these fields.

Pro – Working Directly with Individuals

Careers in public administration require that you have extensive people skills. To ensure all programs and policies are being followed those with an MPA degree will be relied upon to make sure that all people are following these procedures. This will require that large group meetings be held, as well as holding several one-on-one meetings with individuals.

Con – High Stress Job

Companies and governments often rely upon one person in the public administration field to make sure all programs and policies are being implemented and managed. It is also their responsibility to see if the programs are effective and make recommendations on how things can change. All of this can lead to a lot of stress and pressure in the workplace.

Pro – Learning a Variety of Subjects

A huge benefit of pursuing a career in the public administration field is you get to acquire a vast amount of knowledge on a wide range of topics. A MPA degree program is often made up of a mish-mash of college classes. These classes can include financing, legal, environmental, business administration, statistics, economics and international affairs.

Every career path has its own pros and cons and public administration is no exception. Before pursuing a MPA degree program use these pros and cons to make sure that a career in public administration is right for you.

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