15 Top Companies that Hire MPA Grads


Many of the nation’s top companies are looking to hire individuals who have successfully completed an MPA degree program. The following 15 companies have previously hired individuals who hold a Masters in Public Administration degree.

Featured Programs:
  1. Walmart – Wal-Mart is the nation’s largest retailer and is always looking for people to manage and create new company policies. The current vice-president of Wal-Mart holds an MPA degree.
  2. CNN – CNN is a leader in headline news. CNN has hired MPA graduates to offer an in-depth analysis of the programs and policies the government wishes to implement.
  3. Nationwide Insurance – Nationwide Insurance hired MPA graduates to create administrative programs that are used by hundreds of the insurance company’s franchises.
  4. Whole Food Markets – Whole Food Markets a leader in providing natural foods hires individuals with MPA degrees in their corporate offices. These individuals are responsible for creating, managing and implementing a large scale operation.
  5. Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland Clinic a leading medical facility based out of Cleveland, Ohio relied upon individuals who specialized in the health administration area of public administration. These individuals implemented policies and programs that improved the quality of healthcare individuals received.
  6. Quicken Loans – Quicken Loans hires multiple MPA graduates to help ensure their company runs smoothly. MPA graduates who specialize in finances, public-policy and business administration are sought after.
  7. CHG Healthcare Services – CHG Healthcare Services provides doctors and nurses to hospitals and medical facilities that are operating shorthanded. MPA grads are needed to oversee the program that company developed.
  8. Google – Google the world’s leading search engine wants MPA grads that specialize in information and technology management. These grads are responsible for ensuring swift and effective communication across the company’s local and international hubs.
  9. Mercedes-Benz USA – Mercedes-Benz USA is a car manufacturer that hires MPA grads in their marketing and promotional division. Mercedes-Benz offers employers short workweeks, gym memberships and wonderful benefits.
  10. Recreational Equipment (REI) – Recreational Equipment (REI) a leading outdoor sports equipment manufacturer hires MPA grads in the corporate office. Receive great discounts and benefits for overseeing regional and national stores.
  11. SAS – SAS is a huge software company that requires the help of MPA holders to create programs and policies their workers can follow. On-site daycare, healthcare and gyms are just some benefits for working here.
  12. Methodist Hospital System – Methodist Hospital System requires health administration specialists who hold an MPA to oversee and ensure the health policies and programs are running efficiently.
  13. NuStar – NuStar, a large energy supplier, hires MPA grads to provide analysis of potential environmental impacts, and to oversee and manage inner-office programs.
  14. CISCO – CISCO has the nation’s highest rate of telecommuters. It hires MPA grads to design and implement programs and policies that provide a smooth business set-up for such a large amount of telecommuters.
  15. DreamWorks Animation – DreamWorks Animation hires MPA grades to oversee and manage their large network of artists, graphic designers, writers and talented professionals.
  16. Central Intelligence Agency -The CIA is the nation’s central source for information and intelligence. While the CIA hires a variety of individuals those with an MPA degree are sought after as there are numerous programs and policies that need to be managed, analyzed and implemented.
  17. AmeriCorps – AmeriCorps is a leading non-profit agency that works at providing education, healthcare and environmental cleanup to numerous areas of the country. Those with MPA degrees can help oversee these programs and create policies individuals follow when they enter the AmeriCorps.
  18. United Nations – Working in the United Nations allows you to interact with individuals from all over the world. Working in the United Nations when you have an MPA degree will allow you to analyze policies suggested by other countries and assess the impact that it could have on the United States.
  19. The White House – Many of the President’s own Cabinet members hold MPA degrees. While this is a highly competitive field it can be one of the best places to work for those who have successfully completed an MPA degree program.
  20. MSNBC – MSNBC needs public administration graduates to provide analysis and information on the policies and programs the government is creating. MSNBC looks for on-air personalities and behind the scenes individuals to write and analyze governmental policies and procedures that could have a direct impact on the community.

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