Murray State Set To Offer One and Two Year Online MPA Program

murray-state-universityMurray State University, in the fall of 2013 will be the very first public school in the state of Kentucky to have an online graduate school in public administration. This will allow students to leave school with a master’s degree in public administration in one or two years.

The field of public administration regards professionals that work in public affairs and generally with different departments of the state, local and federal governments.

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People who work in public administration also work for NGOs and non profit organizations.

Students have strongly desired an online MPA option for a field where having a graduate degree can help to really advance a career where they already have a good job.

At Murray State, administrators often hear from working professionals in the public area that want to advance their career that they do not have enough flexible educational options. Having a flexible online degree program will help these professionals to complete their education.

This degree could be ideal for students who are trying to get their MPA but already are working full time and want to have the chance to earn a higher salary. The program is also good for people with a bachelor’s degree and limited experience who want to get a jump start in their careers.

Getting your MPA can help you to advance your career in many lines of work, such as international finance or research analysis.

Now, students at Murray State will have the chance to earn their degree in their home and not having to make long commutes for night classes.

According to a university official, the online MPA program will allow students to do most or all of their degree program online at their own pace, and do so in less time.

The program also will allow you to select either an accelerated track or a part time track.

The part time track is designed for those who want to have an online option with a great deal of flexibility. Part time students also can take just one course for each 1/2 semester term, and you can still graduate in only 2 years.

The MPA online program consists of 33 hours that are required, with 21 core hours and 12 hours of graduate electives. Courses that are provided involve teaching you how to balance an effective government budget, negotiating contracts, dealing with conflict, and building effective partnerships.

If you take the full time track, you will have a chance to graduate in only a year. MPA graduates in the past have found productive and rewarding careers in local, state and federal levels and also jobs in many nonprofits around the country.

University officials state that putting together the online MPA was not hard because the MPA program at Murray State already has 30 years of experience under its belt.

Most experts in the field contend that earning your MPA is a great way to significantly boost your salary. Industry research indicates that when you earn only a bachelor’s degree, your salary will max out at around $50,000. But if you earn your MPA, you can earn as much as $70,000 per year average, and some higher paying jobs can pay up to $100,000 per year.