Highest Paying Careers & Jobs in Public Administration

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Estimates are that the healthcare industry generated 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the healthcare industry generated 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018.

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In addition to new jobs being created, workforce shortages exist for current positions in the following areas: education, research, public policy administration and management positions in the following areas: environmental health,behavioral and social sciences,statistics and biostatistics.

Featured Programs:

#1 Nonprofit Executive Director

The executive director of a nonprofit organization will oversee the heads of every department in a nonprofit, such as marketing, program development, fundraising, HR and accounting. Executive directors also can oversee various lower level executives.

  • Median salary: $71,500

#2 Director of Environmental Health

Education and training environmental practices and regulations of the government in both private and public operations is the focus of a director of environmental health. These regulations ensure the quality of water, food and air.  a director of environmental health will normally have both a bachelor´s and master´s degree in environmental studies, and may include areas of law, public health and environmental science.

  • Median salary: $64,500

#3 Hospital Administrator

This is the most traditionally recognized career in health care administration, and one that offers the widest range of work in the medical field, dealing with quality of services, compliance with all government regulations, consultation with all medical professionals on staff, and meeting the financial objectives of the facility.

  • Median salary: $83,200

#4 Director of Industrial Hygiene

Directors must have a master’s degree in industrial hygiene, with an undergraduate degree in engineering or chemistry is required for this career, one that rewards the individual financially and professionally. work in the field of environmental health and safety, and both public and private opportunities are available, to include the following: government, hospitals, colleges and universities, public health organizations, research laboratories, and others.

  • Median salary: $111,000

#5 Industrial Waste Director

Industrial waste directors work with other professionals such as the Water Treatment Director in local government´s water, sewage and related facilities to promote public health. They focus specifically in removal of solid and liquid waste, will typically oversee employees who work actually do the work, and ensuring that the public health is not compromised.

  • Median salary: $86,000

#6 Director of Epidemiology

A director of epidemiology is the foundation of public health and the director is charged with the responsibility of  determining the causes of diseases and various public health problems to prevent them from recurring. Field investigative work makes this job challenging and the director normally will supervise several epidemiologists in a department. collection and analysis of data. Determining vulnerable populations at risk and communicating findings to appropriate authorities for action demands excellent communication skills in addition to scientific skills.

  • Median salary: $98,000

#7 Director of Municipal Water Treatment Plant

A master’s degree and various certifications are necessary to secure and maintain a career in the water treatment profession.  The director would certify all procedures and qualifications of personnel of a water treatment plant including the aspects of  water storage, treatment and delivery. The importance of clean and potable water calls for strict water treatment regulations and effective management.

  • Median salary: $79,000

#8 Director of Operations for Public Health Offices

A director of operations for public health is a leadership position and a very important role in a county, state and national public health arena. Among other administrative duties, the main focus of the Public Health professionals is the prevention of epidemics spread of disease. The Director is responsible for compliance with applicable laws and established health care protocols to prevent of contain diseases such as SARS, West Nile Virus, and influenza pandemics.

  • Median salary: $102,000

#9 Radiation Safety Specialist

Organizations licensed to use radioactive materials by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission must designate a Radiation Safety Officer, whose duties include developing, implementing and monitoring environmental and safety programs in those facilities. These include a variety of public health-related facilities for compliance with the various environmental laws.  Control of hazardous materials, emergency preparedness, radiological safety and prevention of accidents are the common activities of this individual.

  • Median salary: $84,000

If you decide to pursue one of these well-paying public service careers, you are very likely to enjoy a most rewarding career with solid pay and benefits.