15 Reasons Benefits of a MPA Degree Program

BenefitsPeople with certain interests and personalities are often better suited for an MPA program than others. If any of the following 15 reasons interest you or describe your personality you may want to consider a Masters in Public Administration degree program.

#1 Assume a Leadership Role

Most public administration jobs require that you assume a leadership role. You will be in charge of leading, managing and implementing many projects and policies within your chosen field.

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#2 Flexibility in the Job Market

Both the public and private sector hire individuals who have successfully completed a MPA degree program. You will have the flexibility to obtain a job in almost any field you wish to pursue.

#3 Decent Starting Wages

The average starting salary of someone in the public administration field ranges from $35,000 to $50,000, which is $5,000 more than the average starting salary of other graduate programs.

#4 Chance to Work Directly With People

Public administrators work directly with the individuals that they oversee. You will have direct contact with large and small groups of people to ensure that your program runs smoothly.

#5 Online and On-Campus Programs

MPA graduate programs are available both on-campus and online. This allows you to find a program that fits your schedule and needs.

#6 Chance to Run for Political Office

Many elected officials hold a Masters in Public Administration degree. If you have an interest in running for political office this may be a degree for you.

#7 Ability to Pursue Several Areas of Interest

A Masters in Public Administration degree require that you study multiple academic areas. You will be able to learn about economics, administration, finance, legal issues and urban planning.

#8 Solve Problems that Plague Cities and States

Public administrators are constantly working to find solutions to the problems that plague local, state and federal governments.

#9 Ability to Make a Difference in the World

Public administrators who work in the non-profit sector are making a difference by implementing programs and policies that help fight for a cause.

#10 Chance to Travel Abroad

An entire area of emphasis in the MPA degree program is devoted to international affairs. Pursuing this will give you the chance to travel abroad while working.

#11 Pursue a Career in Law Enforcement

Positions such as police commissioner allow people who hold an MPA to combine their love of law enforcement with their chosen college degree.

#12 Ability to Think Outside the Box

Public administrators need to think outside the box when established programs and policies aren’t working as they were intended.

#13 Chance to Move Up the Corporate Ladder

Many COOs, CEOs and VP of Operations hold MPA degrees. Improve your chances of moving up the corporate ladder with this type of degree.

#14 Short Post-College Program

Earning a MPA degree only requires two years full-time post-college classes.

#15 Works with Previous Work Experience

An Executive MPA program may be available that allows you to incorporate your previous work experiences into your college degree instead of having to pursue academic classes.

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