15 Awesome MPA Jobs to Have in Public Administration

mpa-jobsPeople who have successfully completed an MPA degree program have the opportunity to choose from an array of jobs in both the private and public sector. The following 15 examples are just a sample of the awesome jobs that are available to you when you choose to go into public administration.

#1 Political News Analyst

Major news networks like to hire people with a degree in public administration as a news analyst as they can offer great insight into some of the policies and programs the government puts into place.

Featured Programs:

#2 Local City Director

Cities and towns need individuals who can implement, manage and direct dozens of programs and policies. A city director can also suggest change to policies and programs that can help the city run smoother.

#3 News Writer

Online and print newspapers and magazines need individuals who can analyze and offer insight into government programs and policies, and write about it in terms a layperson can understand.

#4 Police Commissioner

Police commissioners are responsible for running an entire police department’s program from assigning jobs, creating schedules, and ensuring all department policies are being followed.’

#5 Director of Community Health

A director of community health creates programs and policies that are directly related to the overall health and wellness of the community. This can be implementing free check-up programs for the underprivileged to overseeing the entire public health program.

#6 Director of Parks and Recreation

The director is in charge of overseeing community parks, creating schedules, launching community programs, and ensuring that the entire recreation department runs smoothly.

#7 Political Writer for News Programs

These people are not the ones in front of the camera but provide information on government policies and programs for individuals who are in the spotlight and deliver the news.

#8 Representative for the United Nations

Representatives serve as ambassadors for their country on the United Nations panel. Duties can include voting on international policies, sitting in on negotiations, and writing up agreements between two countries.

#9 Member of the CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency needs individuals who can analyze a situation and determine what its impact might be on the country. There are also dozens of field operations going and someone has to manage and oversee those operations and programs.

#10 Director of Transportation

Entire city’s transportation systems need to be overseen and managed. As a director you will implement policies, create schedules, and develop routes that meet community needs.

#11 Cabinet Member to the President

Cabinet members provide valuable insight and information to the President on a number of important government issues and policies.

#12 Director of Education

Education directors oversee a city’s entire educational system from policies teachers follow to curriculum enforcement.

#13 Homeland Security Division

The entire country’s safety rests in the hands of the policies and procedures Homeland Security creates and develops.

#14 COO of a Company

A COO manages and oversees the entire company’s policy and procedures that ensures it runs smoothly and operates at a profit.

#15 Director/President of a Non-Profit Organization

A non-profit organization needs someone to develop their policies and procedures that make the entire program run as intended.

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