19 Great Resources for MPA Graduates

graduatesThere are many great resources available for individuals who have completed their MPA degree program. The following 19 resources can be used to help you find a job, offer career advice, and even network with other individuals who have earned an MPA degree.

  1. National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration – The official site of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration has helpful career tips, graduate programs, networking opportunities, and a job board.
  2. UNC-Chapel Hill allows you to earn a top-ranked Master of Public Administration online without relocating. MPA@UNC can be completed in less than two years and no public service experience is required to apply. Advanced degree GRE waivers are available to those who qualify. Request more information today.

    Capella University offers flexible, online Master's in Public Administration degree programs that can help you make a positive difference in your community. Explore programs in Public Administration, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and Public Policy and Governance. Click here to learn more about Capella University and how their MPA degree options can help you gain the skills and knowledge to reach your career goals and impact the communities you serve.

    University of Delaware's accredited online MPA program integrates theory and practice to give you the real-world skills you need to develop new strategies for taking on today’s biggest challenges in public service. Become a leader in public service and nonprofit operations. Request information to learn more about the University of Delaware's online Master of Public Administration program today.

    American University brings DC to you with the online Master of Public Administration and Policy. The degree combines the core competencies of our nationally recognized Master's in Public Administration and Master's in Public Policy degree programs into one foundational, highly marketable credential. Learn from a top-ranked school for public affairs and access a network of public policy experts, prestigious faculty and well-connected alumni. Click here to request more information.

  3. College Monster – Search for a job in public administration on this website dedicated to college graduates.
  4. Clean Up Online Profile with Gradspot – Employers will search for your online profiles. Learn how to clean up any online profile you may have so it is ready and presentable for employers.
  5.  Best Internships by Business Week – Find some of the best places that offer internship opportunities to recent college graduates. Internships can often lead to future jobs.
  6. Microsoft Word Resume Templates – Download some of these pre-formatted resume templates and create a resume that will attract the attention of future employers.
  7. Linked In – Linked In is an online community that is dedicated to the development of a network of like-minded individuals. This community also offers career advice and job postings.
  8. Public health careers guide – Public health, government and healthcare companies can post jobs and career tips for students in global health.
  9. Making a Difference – Walks you through how to apply for a government job, and offers interview and resume tips.
  10. College Grade – Offers career advice, job postings, forums and more for recent college graduates who are searching for their first job in the public administration field.
  11. Cash Course – Guides you through the ups and downs of life’s finances. This site offers tips on how to pay back student loans, how to arrange your bank accounts, and other financial tips.
  12. After College – Works to connect individuals who specialize in specific fields of interest to companies and businesses that are looking to hire.
  13. USA Jobs – Many public administrators pursue government jobs. This site lists all available government jobs and how to apply for them.
  14. Job Bound – Connects recent college graduates with jobs that meet their area of specialty. This site also features articles and career advice tips.
  15. Presidential Management Fellows Program – Offers a comprehensive list of internships intended for individuals who are looking to pursue a career in public-policy.
  16. Department of Housing and Urban Development – HUD has graduate internships that help individuals try out specific jobs related to public administration.
  17. HR World’s Ins and Outs of Interviewing – Learn the ins and outs of interviewing for a job with this comprehensive article on what employers look for in job interviews.
  18. IGrad.com – Career advice, job postings and network opportunities are offered at IGrad.com.
  19. Higher One – Find videos, articles, and a community forum dedicated to helping college graduates understand the confusing world of finances.
  20. Bank Rate – Read articles and community forum posts dedicated to helping college graduates understand and manage their student loan debt.

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