There are thousands of different career paths you can choose from once you have completed your MPA degree program. Both local, state and federal governments and private businesses and companies hire those with an MPA degree making the possibilities endless. The following 17 career paths are examples of just how lucrative a career in public administration can be. [...] READ MORE

Featured Interview

Director, School of Public Affairs at San Diego State University

Dr. Stuart Henry, Director of the School of Public Affairs at San Diego State University, joins us today to discuss public administration.

#1 Can you tell us about the online MPA program offered at San Diego State University?
We've offered a Masters in Public Administration at SDSU for over 45 years. But a number of factors came together to propel us toward offering the degree in a fully online format.

We have been offering the MPA at various distant sites, including the Imperial Valley Campus in Calexico, 110 miles from San Diego, but also on site at various California cities[...] READ MORE

Top 25 Most Social Media Friendly Schools of Public Administration 2013

As the popularity of social media grows, more college students are using these platforms to connect with their schools both before and during their enrollment.

It’s important for schools to keep up with the most popular platforms in order to meet students where they are and help them feel like they are a part of the program even before they set foot on campus for the first time.

The staff at evaluated almost 200 public administration schools to determine which ones are doing the best job of building their presence social media presence. [...]READ MORE